Make the Globe your classroom

Live Streaming

Stream a classroom in real-time over the internet, the students can be virtually present in the classroom despite being in any corner of the world.

Digital Classrooms

Replace chalks, markers & boards with modern digital gadgets to get the best of technology.

Secure VoD Streaming

Store the recording of classroom so that a student can watch it at his/her convenience. Also "Class On Air" makes sure the videos are accessible to only authorised users.

Smart Classes

Gone are the days when text and speech were only modes of knowledge transfer. Make use of 3D animations, videos etc.

Integrated LMS

An integrated Learning Management System to enable the student not only watch but avail all the services which an offline student gets, and much more.


A custom made, complete software solution for educational & research organizations. An ERP which fulfills all your needs.

Why Go Live ?

Don’t keep your institute confined within physical boundaries of a building & city. Go live, go global. 

By going live & online you free your students from the shackles of being present at a particular place at a particular time. 

Going live and online enables you to benefit your students in multiple ways. Technology enabled learning makes life easy.

Instead of looking for commercial space with skyrocketing prices & hassle of arranging infrastructure, you can expand your classroom with just a click, at no extra cost. Virtually the entire Globe becomes your classroom.

Why Class On Air ?

For any content creator security of the content is vital and we understand it well.

We provide web based solution which gives your users seamless access across various devices and platforms. 

Secure content delivery is spread across multiple domains and each domain has its nuances. We are not jack of all, we focus on education domain and that makes us pioneer.

Class On Air is the only organization which caters all your needs; starting from setup of classroom to delivering content to the end user via a platform tailor made to suit your needs.

Our focus is security.

“Class On Air” understands the importance of security of intellectual property and threats of piracy. We equip you to fight this battle.

All the communication takes place via a channel encrypted with best available methods.

Instead of branded players with well known loopholes, a custom made video player to enhance security of videos is used.

All the services are hosted on premium cloud providers like Amazon and Google.

All the videos are protected using Hollywood grade Widevine, PlayReady & FairPlay DRM.

Models for Live & Online Setup

We have different models to get associated with us. Choose the most suitable one

COA as Service

Medium/Large Institutes

  • Dedicated servers
  • Custom made LMS
  • One time setup fee
  • Pay as you go

COA as Platform

Individuals & Small Institutes

  • Shared servers
  • Custom made LMS
  • No setup fee
  • Pay as you go


Large Institutes

  • A custom made plan which suits your needs

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